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1. Where in Chennai?

We are located inside Chennai Port, close to Tamil Nadu Sailing Association (TNSA). You can access our facility by informing us ahead of time with your name and age for us to get port permission. If you plan on driving in we need your name, age, vehicle number and driver’s name and age. You will be met by our staff at the entrance for Gate 7 and after completing security formalities with CISF you will be escorted to TNSA premises.

2. Is is safe to sail ?

It is an extremely safe activity/sport to pursue. There is a general fear of water, which is reinforced by hearing about accidents that happen to people who visit the beach. These accidents can be easily avoided if one were to wear a Personal Flotation Device or a life jacket. We take children as young as seven years of age into the sea in dinghy’s (which have a tendency to capsize) even if the child does not know swimming. As a policy TNSA and ASVL require any one venturing into the water to wear a life jacket. This personal flotation device will prevent you from drowning in case you fall into the water. Even if you do not know swimming you will be floating with your head and chest above water. There is nothing to fear when out at sea, there is only fun waiting for you.

3. Who can learn to sail?

Any one can learn to sail from as young as seven year of age. You need not know swimming and we do not teach swimming. We do not envision any one getting into the water while learning to sail on a yacht. If you choose to sail a dinghy which can capsize then our instructors will help you learn how to conduct oneself in the water and your PFD will keep you floating and safe.

4. How many People can sail at a time?

Yacht Frama can accommodate up to 8 people at a time including Children.

5. To how long can sailing being done? What about at night?

Sailing on a Yacht like Frama can happen any time of the day and for as long as we plan for. Frama is an ocean going vessel equipped with the latest navigation and safety equipment. The duration is only limited by human endurance and the quantity of food and water we carry on board.

6. What about food?

We can carry enough food to sustain the crew for weeks. The vessel in equipped with a LPG cooking range that can prepare hot meals in the high seas. For day trips we carry sandwiches and cold drinks stocked before we cast off.

7. Can we make contact to people on land?

If we are planning to sail during the day we will be with in cell phone coverage distance. We have experienced good cell phone signals up to 6Km into sea. In addition, we carry a VHF radio which will help us contact the Chennai port and TNSA rescue if needed.

8. What are the emergency precautions?

The master and crew of the vessel are trained in handling most emergencies one can anticipate at sea. The ship carries life vests for all passengers. In addition, it has a life raft which can be deployed in case of any emergency.

9. How much one should be familiar with Sailing before making a long voyage?

It is not recommended to go on a long voyage the first time you set foot on a sailing yacht for several reasons. Usually people feel some level of sea sickness the first time, particularly if they stay out at sea for more than a few hours. Also, on long voyages all members of the ship are expected to contribute to keeping the vessel sailing. This requires some basic knowledge of sailing. If one desire to go on a trip that would last more than a day then a few trips that involves night sailing will prepare you for a long voyage. This preparation will make the journey a pleasurable one.

10. Is it safe to have children by side during long voyage?

Yes it is very safe to have children on long voyage. As stated above it would be a good idea to get you children experience this adventure a little bit at a time before venturing on a long voyage. Children also need to learn safety on board, on what they can and cannot do.

11. What activity will be done on board ?

The skipper will show the different parts of the sail boat. The skipper will teach how to steer Frama motorised and also demonstrate safety aspects of sailings. The different types of ropes and where they are used etc. Understanding the direction and speed of the wind and how the sail should be shortened or opened will be shown. There is a lot more of training which will be imparted to people interested.

12. What clothes should I wear ?

You should wear appropriate clothes for sailing such as shorts, T-Shirts, a cap, canvas shoes or a slipons, use of sun lotion would be handy. If you plan to jump into the cool water, then bring a replacement clothes. Dont forget your cameras,

13. What places can I see ?

There are lot of places where you can take pictures. Places to see would be the Chennai Port, Container and Bulk carrier Ships, Marina beach from the sea side, marina beach lighthouse, Sunken Ship spot- a great place for fishing, Skyline of Chennai city etc. If you plan to sail to Pondicherry, Andaman Islands, there are a lot more to see and enjoy.